Linoleum flooring has come a long way from your grandma’s kitchen floor. Today’s linoleum is available in a wider array of colors, styles and quality options than ever before. It can look like wood, parquet, tile. From mild to wild, choose from a mind-boggling array of colors, solids and patterns. There is something for every mood. Linoleum fits most every flooring need, residential and commercial. It is a great material with several unique advantages. Fairfield County Floor Covering can help you find the right one. We can then sell, install, repair and service your floor. Fill out the form or call us for a quick price quote.

With proper care a linoleum floor can last 40 years or more. Manufacturer warranties range up to 25 years. Linoleum is a environmentally friendly. It is made with renewable materials and biodegradable. Unlike vinyl it does not emit VOCs (volatile organic compounds). Brand new linoleum does have a slight odor. It’s from the linseed oil used in manufacturing and harmless. A linoleum floor is very easy to maintain.

Linoleum pigment goes all the way through the flooring. Vinyl flooring’s photorealistic look is just one layer. That’s how linoleum holds its color for years on end. Any cuts or indentations are less noticeable.

Armstrong is one of several manufacturers Fairfield County Floor Covering represents. Their linoleum web page is for commercial applications. But the explanations of their linoleum material applies to residential uses too. We’re not sure we agree with their description of linoleum as “easy to install.” It is a challenging product for DIY (do-it-yourself) installation.

If you’d like to understand linoleum flooring better, just fill out the form or call us for a free consultation or price quote.

bright red and white checker pattern flooring linoleum
Flooring linoleum comes in many choices, from wild . . .
flooring linoleum conservative pattern of brown and grey.
. . . mild.